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Looking for an experienced, highly skilled, extensively published, internationally recognized, informative and entertaining lecturer, facilitator or trainer? George can provide keynote lectures, workshops and in-house training for:

His specialty topics include the following areas and can be tailored to your needs:


Happiness and Well-being

This workshop acknowledges that we all want to be happy.  It is the next most important life goal once our physical needs for food, shelter and health have been met.  We know that happy people live longer, have better relationships, are less likely to experience psychological problems, are more resilient when problems do occur, and enjoy a greater quality of life.  If you are happier, you are less likely to be depressed, anxious, worried or angry.  How then can we increase our happiness and well-being?  Based on George's most recent book, Happiness, Healing, Enhancement, this workshop steps you through 12 simple, practical and soundly researched methods to live a richer, more fulfilling quality of life. 

Positive Psychology

In the last decade the burgeoning research in the field of positive psychology has taught us much about the all-too-long neglected state of happiness.  This workshop, based on George's most recent book, Happiness, Healing, Enhancement, explores how that growing science of positive psychology can be simply and effectively incorporated into counselling, coaching and therapy or applied in your work situation.  Taking a practical, skills-based approach, it shows how to enhance happiness, relieve depression and anxiety, build health, and facilitate greater well-being.  It will include illustrative case examples, demonstrations, and simple, pragmatic exercises to help you quickly apply these methods for enhancing therapy and therapeutic outcomes with your own clients. 


Clinical hypnosis is not only a long-established therapy but also one of the most extensively researched of all psychological treatments.  The course covers the principles, ethics and practise of hypnotherapy, especially in up-to-date, evidence-based, outcome-oriented approaches.  It teaches the application of hypnosis into therapy, incorporating clincal and experimental approaches at the cutting edge of hypnotherapy while training practicipants to utilise therapeutic modalities of hypnosis in ways that are creative and individual. Applications will be presented in a range of psychological and physical health areas particularly relevant to the trainee's interests.  You can expect to come away from the 9-10 days diploma course with a high level of advanced and practical hypnotherapeutic skills that will significantly enhance your counselling and clinical practice.   

Metaphors and Storytelling in Therapy and Counselling

Stories have the power to enrich our lives, shape the way we perceive and interact with the world, and reveal the wonders of the human spirit.  They can communicate important messages where more direct forms of communication have failed.  From George's best-seling book 101 Healing Stories, George examines the healing value of communicating with metaphors in therapy, providing story ideas that you can adapt and share with your clients for effective change.  He explains how to tell stories that will engage clients, how to make them metaphoric, and where to find sources for such tales.  You will be guided through the processes for creating stories from your own personal experiences and theoretical orientation to therapy. 

Metaphors and Storytelling with Kids and Teens

George is the author of the much-acclaimed book 101 Healing Stories for Kids and Teens.  Based on that book, this workshop examines the healing value of communicating with metaphors in child and adolescent therapy.  You will learn the art of effective storytelling, where to find approprite stories and metaphors, and how to adapt and share them with your young clients for effecting change. 

Mindfulness and Meditation

Research has strongly validated the physical and pychological benefits of mindfulness and meditation.  George has spent much of his professional career learning about, working with and teaching an extensive range of mindfulness-based approaches including hypnosis, autogenic relaxation training, progressive muscular relaxation, various mindfulness methods and meditation from both Eastern and Western traditions.  He has also made his own unique contribution with Nature-Guided Mindfulness.  This is a hands-on, skills-based workshop in some of those strategies.

Nature-Guided Therapy (Ecotherapy)

People in hospital wards with a garden view heal quicker, take less pain-killing medication and get discharged quicker.  Nature has therapeutic benefits, both physical and psychological.  Why do we go to parks for picnics or the beach for holidays?  Because we know we can relax and feel good there.  George translates the sound scientific evidence into practical therapeutic exercises for resolving psychological problems and enhancing happiness.  Much on offer in this workshop captures George's unique and acclaimed contributions to psychotherapy, including the Sensory Awareness Inventory, Nature-Guided Mindfulness and other interventions.  Based on his first major book, Nature-Guided Therapy.   

Ericksonian Psychotherapy and Hypnosis

Milton H Erickson was a therapist before his time, a uniquely creative innovator of psychotherapeutic and hypnotherapeutic techniques.  While mainstream psychotherapy was looking at client's problems, he was searching for their desired outcomes.  While the mainstream analysed pathology, he looked for client resources.  While the mainstream examined unhappiness, he sought to promote happiness.  This workshop explores the processes, use of language and principles of change that he employed to enable quick and powerful therapeutic outcomes. 

Counselling Skills Training

Want to take your counselling skills from basic to advanced? Then this may be the course for you.  Learn about the principles of counselling, quick and effective ways to establish rapport, how to use questions and suggestions, finding counselling goals, planning your sessions, bringing about change, and applying a whole range of positive, outcome-oriented counselling skills. 

Advanced and Intensive Therapy Training

With some four decades of learning about, applying, teaching and writing about therapy, George gently, thoughtfully and, perhaps, challengingly helps you build and advance your therapeutic skills.  Having committed himself throughout his career to sit at the feet of the masters of our profession, learn from his mentors and clients, and develop the most effective and efficient methods of doing good therapy, he now shares those learnings with you - a succinct and in-depth combination of all his writings and experiences. 

Who are these Workshops and Training for?

Most workshops and training are designed for those in the helping and health professions:  psychologists, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, counsellors, social workers, psychiatrists, and students of those disciplines.  However, several can be specifically adapted for target audiences in corporate, educational or health fields, including employers, staff administrators, employees and teachers.  Training in hypnosis is avalable only for registered health professionals. 

How long do they take?

Presentations can be offered from a one hour lecture, through to a one or two day workshop, to a five or ten day intensive training programme. 

How do I get more information?

For more information or to discuss your particular training needs you can contact George at PO Box 289, Darlington, WA 6070, Australia.

08 9299 7292 (within Australia)

+61 8 9299 7292 (outside Australia)


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